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A Kingdom of Industry Veterans
KingdomNFT is a tight-knit group run by highly experienced traders, spokesmen, and community leaders in the world of crypto and NFTs.
An Overview Of Our KingdomKingdomNFT's mission is to use our team’s multifaceted expertise on DeFi and NFTs to guide members towards success on web3, and ultimately to achieve financial freedom. Community and teamwork is on the top of our priority list and what ultimately leads our members to being successful in this space. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of educational opportunities and exclusive software partnerships. KingdomNFT is appropriate for both accomplished NFT traders and beginners in need of the support and resources to achieve a mastery level of buying , collecting, and/or selling NFT’s.
KingdomNFT Access & Pricing
Monthly Membership$75Monthly PaymentPurchase now
Full Access To KingdomNFT’s Rising Community Billed Monthly
Unmatched 24/7 Alpha Calls & Professional Guidance
Access To Exclusive Tools, Group Buys, & Partnerships
Exclusive whitelist access for upcoming NFT projects
Community of Web3 Leading Experts
Kingdom's CitadelLifetimeUnlimited DurationView on OpenSea
Lifetime Key Providing Full Access to KingdomNFT’s Citadel
Unmatched 24/7 Alpha Calls & Professional Guidance
Access To Exclusive Tools, Group Buys, & Partnerships
Exclusive whitelist access for upcoming NFT projects
Community of Web3 Leading Experts
An Unmatched Lineup Of Features
Alpha CallsUnmatched trading calls & guidance from professional traders across the globe ensuring 24/7 coverage & no alpha is ever missed.
Release GuidesComprehensive guides and individual guidance on NFT's dropping, risk analysis, resell predictions, important updates, and live drop guidance.
Education & SafetyGuides and individual support from staff orienting you to have success in the NFT ecosystem. Detect scams, hacks, and keep your money safe.
Tools, Bots, & MonitorsExclusive access to custom tools, bot partnerships, group buys, and custom monitors developed by in-house developers.
Emerging ResearchA kingdom ran by leaders ensuring no opportunity is missed for our members in the expanding field of NFTs & cryptocurrency.
CommunityFamily like community promoting each other's success and assisting each other in their own personal goals.
SuccessUnlocking Our Members' Financial Freedom
KingdomNFT Member TestimonialsKingdomNFT’s mission is to use our multifaceted expertise on DeFi and NFTs to guide members towards success on web3, and ultimately to achieve financial freedom. Our members speak to our mission success.
bork0#0004 · Jan 20It's just crazy to think about what I have achieved with kingdom so far, starting late October with 0.15 and currently at around 13-14 ETH. Big thanks to @pain and @Pook who have helped me in my beginnings with dumb questions, and to @mandyxthejungle whose wallet pings made me a lot of money.
𝓂𝒶𝓇𝒸𝓊𝓈#5349 · Jan 19New to this group, have been in the NFT space for around a year and this group has helped me grow beyond the basic minting schedules I'm used to in most alpha groups. The educational material is helpful and easily understood even for those new to the space and the trades are always broken down in detail with risk factors included. In the few days I've been here observing their calls they have always been on point, the whales in here pick up on many projects before they blow up and the community is always active to advise on a trade. Overall this is a steal for 75$ a month and #success channel speaks for itself .
ShawXI#0387 · Jan 19I'm still pretty fresh to the space, I started trading NFT's at the end of November. I started with .5 ETH and the cost of a kingdom key. Since then, I have grown the .5 ETH to about 6-10 ETH (depends if I sell stuff). I doubt I would be where I am without Kingdom, and I hope we can all keep making this bread Ty Kingdomfam
Grapes#2499 · Jan 20I entered Kingdom circle 1 week ago because I lose almost 1 ETH of doing things alone. As soon as I joined Kingdom things changed. The first day I made 0.5 ETH profit from my first ever drop 🙂 Right now I am around 1 Eth in profit. Looking forward.
TonyKellew#1619 · Jan 19I've spent 5 months in NFT's before joining the Kingdom. I realized my strategy was wrong and my knowledge of NFTs was really bad. Not only do you get good calls here, you learn so much. It is an investment into your future by being part of the Kingdom.
hslaps#5432 · Jan 19I have only been in the NFT space since September and joined Kingdom in November. Before Kingdom, I was lost scrolling Twitter endlessly trying to discover projects. Since joining, the Kingdom community has helped me discover the most up-to-date NFT projects/trends and improved my success rate while answering all NFT related questions I had. Kingdom is full of helpful people that want you to succeed and a community that I am happy to be part of. I started the journey with a little ~.5 ETH and have grown it to +2 ETH… I am confident that this is just the start and I will see exponential growth from here.
Lohohoski#9300 · Jan 20Honest to god, best 75$ I’ve spent hands down, the community helps with everything, and I know it must be annoying to answer all the noob questions over and over but I dead serious feel like all the guys here are my bros and the calls they give are impeccable here’s to being in the community for as long as I can. KINGDOM FAM ALL THE WAY can’t wait to become rich like y’all.
sweeteg#9710 · Jan 19I'm still new to Kingdom (and a few months into NFTs), but the level of organization, timeliness of calls, and community are unmatched. The Kingdom community is on 24/7, with a constant stream of information for anyone to benefit from and interact with. Even though I've only been a part of this community for a couple of weeks, I'm learning more and more about how to best utilize all the resources and admins like @Wiz $NEAR are very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.
@arjunj_eth · Jan 18Thank you, @KingdomNFT, for allowing a 16-year-old to make life-changing money (off a 2 ETH investment)! Still holding 25+ @chain_runners and 5 Azuki's, worth over 100 ETH! @TheOneWhiz and @MANDYxTHEJUNGLE are the best. If anyone wants in or has questions about Kingdom, my DMs are open.
ContactQuestions about KingdomNFT? Feel free to contact us at anytime!
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
What’s an NFT? And why are many worth so much money?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. There is a high level of demand within this interest of art & technology resulting in many NFTs being highly profitable.
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Founded in 2021, Kingdom NFT is a Kingdom of NFT industry veterans who shares the mutual goal of acquiring and having success within the world of NFT’s. Our community, calls, and resources are unique and unlike any competitor.
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